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Arte Studio Ginestrelle, 2015 (Residency)

I traveled to Italy as an artist-in-residence at Arte Studio Ginestrelle, at Mount Subasio in Assisi.

I had applied to work on an image poem. For two years before that, I had been capturing images on my way home, from work in the evenings, in Bangalore, India where I live. The evening skies, the lamp post framed against it, almost a silhouette and then so much else. I had started indulging my fascination for the skies and then rains, and passing old churches, monasteries with my phone.

SelfSkyWater, the image poem I completed at the residency is completely shot with my old Nokia phone. A testimony to a liberated process of image-making and storytelling. I spent a month at Artestudio, editing and putting in the sound. I even hand-painted my titles, completely inspired by the natural beauty and an environment replete with artistic and conducive environment.

SelfSkyWater was exhibited at Arte Gallery Le Logge, Piazza Del Commune, Assisi, from 29th November 2015 to 6th December, 2015.

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