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Assisi / Artestudio Ginestrelle / Mount Subasio

Mount Subasio, where the residency was located, was a magical, mystical place with trails for walking through a quiet village. It was also a place where St. Francis of Assisi had walked and received spiritual experiences.

We would visit Assisi town quite often, and its grand old architecture was a delight to explore. The Basilica of St. Francis would have a lot of tourists and I would join them to visit and receive an experience that is ineffable and difficult to describe.

I experienced similar and intense feelings visiting the Porziuncola in Santa Maria degli Angeli. I was at Artestudio for a month. I had spent a few days in Rome before coming in. Much time in Rome had been about exploring the Vatican and other places. But Assisi is special. It stays in my heart as an enchanting and other-world memory.


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